Search Firms

Contract #L061602 - Expires 9/30/2020

The University has established contracts with 13 Search Firms, offering a range of services from full retained searches to more limited assistance developing a candidate pool. These firms represent a range of expertise and price points. UA units may use any of these firms, regardless of dollar amount, simply by completing a Scope of Work statement, including project cost, and submitting it as an attachment to the requisition/purchase order in UAccess Financials to Procurement and Contracting Services (PACS). The award of this RFP eliminates the need for a competitive Solicitation, thereby streamlining the process of selecting a Search Firm. Be sure to Reference this agreement (RFP L061602) in the notes and attachment section, as this will move your purchase order through quickly.

The University is not limited to the firms on this list. Departments may choose to use a different vendor by following standard PACS policies and procedures. If you wish to seek competitive solicitations yourself, or if the fee may be more than $100,000, meaning formal solicitations are required, please contact Lila Sorensen, Senior Buyer, Procurement and Contracting Services, at (520) 626-3538 or for explanation of, and assistance with, the process.

For more information about these search firms, contact Lisa Gundy on the HR Employment Team at or (520) 621-7705.

Scope of Work Statement

The Scope of Work may take any form, but should provide the following information:

  • Anticipated dates of service
  • General description of services to be provided
  • Project milestones, if any
  • Total cost
  • Reference RFP L061602

List of Executive Search Firms Approved Under RFP L061602

We are also able to utilize the ASU contract (RFP 191703) for Executive Search Firms which is good through 6/30/21 and is available here.