Surplus Property - Program Information

Surplus Property is charged with disposition and re-utilization of all University of Arizona property whether capital or non capital following State guidelines. If property is not re-utilized within the University system, it is disposed of through various methods.

What is considered University of Arizona property?

Any and all personal property in University custody, whether capital or not, is considered University property. Any disposal or relocation of any and all University property will be in accordance with Surplus Property procedures.

Can University of Arizona Property be donated?

No University of Arizona property, regardless of value, can be donated. The University of Arizona is governed by Arizona law and the Arizona Revised Statutes specifically prohibit State agencies from giving away property. The fair market value of property must be received in kind. In order to comply with the statutes, The University prohibits the donation of University property.

Disposal of University Property

The following is a list and a brief description of disposal methods:

Special Bid Sales - Special Bid sales are conducted on property that is unique in nature and/or has a high dollar value. The University Department determines, with consultation from Surplus Property, if a Special Bid sale is the best method of disposal. If it is determined to be advantageous, the department will complete a transfer request and upon authorization, Surplus Property will work with the department on the logistics of the sale. Once details of the sale are finalized, Surplus Property will generate bid forms for potential bidders and post details of the Special Bid Sale on Special Bids are conducted upon request and typically are posted for five to ten business days. All bid forms must be completed by bidders and returned to Surplus Property via email, fax, or in-person delivery to Surplus Property at 3740 E. 34th St, Tucson, AZ  85713. Upon closing of the sale, Surplus Property will tabulate the bid and send the potential winning bid to the department for approval. It is at the discretion of the department to reject or accept the potential winning bid. Department personnel involved in the approval process for a bid will not be allowed to participate in that bid.

Interagency Transfers - "Government Agency Sales" - Government Agency Sales is a disposal method in which University property is sold to another government agency or public institution. The definition of a “public agency or public institution” is a Federal, State, County, City, or University entity. This type of sale requires collaboration between the Department, government agency or public institution, and Surplus Property. In this disposal type, an agreed upon sales prices is established and Surplus Property will process all sales documents and collect all funds related to the sale. See guidelines and more on Interagency Transfers - "Government Agency Sales."

Intra-University Sales - Intra-University sales are sales between two University departments. Effective 1/22/13, Surplus Property no longer handles sales between departments. Contact Property Management for more information on how to sell an asset to another University department.

Trading-In University Property - University departments may trade-in University property for credit on a new purchase. The Asset Trade-In information must be entered when creating a new Requisition in UAccess Financials. For more information on how to complete a requisition with asset trade-in, please see the Step-by-Step guide

Note: a trade that results in the department receiving funds in addition to a new item is considered a sale not a trade.

Surplus Storefront - The Surplus Storefront is the retail operations of Surplus Property. Disposed University property, such as vehicles, furniture, monitors, bikes, and more are inspected, evaluated, and priced for sale to the general public. The Surplus Storefront is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 3:30pm and is located at the Paul and Alice Baker Distribution Center, 3740 E 34th Street, Tucson, AZ  85713.

Public Auction - Surplus Property conducts a live in-person auction once a month, on a predetermined Tuesday. Common items sold at the auction include vehicles, furniture, lab equipment, computers, and more. All items may be sold in bulk quantities and all participating bidders must complete our Purchase/Auction Agreement, and be a registered bidder in our Asset Management Platform, AssetWorks.

Recycling - In an effort to reduce the amount to waste being sent to landfills, Surplus Property participates in a variety of recycling endeavors. If property is deemed unfit for resale and depending on the materials it is made of, it may be sent to a local recycler.

Department Services

Surplus Property provides the following services to campus departments:

  • Free pick up and delivery of surplus property
  • Recycling of used laser & printer cartridges. See detailed instructions
  • Facilitation and administration of University property disposal methods (click here to see the various disposal methods) which includes the sale of property and the monthly distribution of funds back to the Department disposing the property (disbursement of funds is in accordance with the current Surplus Property Fee Schedule)
  • Collaborate with Property Management to ensure capital assets are properly recorded in UAccess Financials

How do I create a request to pick up Surplus Property?

The process begins by entering a transfer request in AssetWorks> (Asset Management Platform) application (NetID and password are required). Upon approval by your designated Department Approver, your approved request will be scheduled for pick-up (please allow up to two weeks for scheduling). NOTE: Federal titled property cannot be disposed through Surplus Property. See a quick guide on how to enter and authorize a transfer request.

What happens when property is picked up by Surplus Property?

Once University property is picked up by our Surplus Property receiving team, it is brought to The Paul and Alice Baker Distribution Center located at 3740 E 34th St, Tucson, AZ  85713. Property is then unloaded and received into AssetWorks. It is at the discretion of Surplus Property staff to inspect and evaluate property to determine if the item will be available for sale in our Surplus Storefront, sent to public auction, or recycled. The most common disposal method is to sell the item(s) in our Surplus Storefront.

What happens when property is sold through the Surplus Storefront or at auction?

The following fee schedule applies to all items sold through the Surplus Storefront or at auction:

Funds Received Distribution to Dept** Surplus Property Commission
Up to $200 $0 All
$201 - $500 40% over $200 $200 + 60% over $200
$501 - $1000 50% over $200 $200 + 50% over $200
$1001 - $5000 60% over $200 $200 + 40% over $200
Over $5000 70% over $200 $200 + 30% over $200

**NOTE:  All proceeds are not based upon the cumulative sales for a Department, but rather based upon the actual sale price of the item sold. Typically, property sold through the Surplus Storefront or at our monthly auction and is valued $200 or more will receive the proceeds from a sale. All property that is sold for less than $200 will not receive any proceeds.

What is the fee structure for all other Surplus Property disposal methods?

The following fee schedule applies to all items sold through a Special Bid Sale or Interagency Transfers - "Government Agency Sales":

Disposal Method Distribution to Dept Surplus Property Administration Fee
Special Bid Sale 80% of proceeds from a sale 20% (fee is capped at $1,200 per Special Bid Sale.) In addition, advertising costs or other expenses may be assessed against the proceeds received from a sale.
Interagency Transfers - "Government Agency Sales" 80% of proceeds from a sale 20% (fee is capped at $300 per sale)

Procedures for Disposal of Computer/Electronic Surplus Property

Prior to disposal, all electronic equipment must be sanitized of sensitive data prior to disposal. To ensure that appropriate precautions are taken to protect University data found on electronic equipment, all hard drives are removed by Surplus Property personnel and all data is erased using WipeMASSter Hard Drive Eraser. Designed to meet Department of Defense 5220-22M security erasure specifications, WipeMASSter overwrites and erases data on the hard drive up to 8 times, thus guaranteeing the information on the drive is unrecoverable.

Examples of electronic equipment containing a hard drive:

  • Desktop & Laptop Computers
  • Servers
  • Photocopiers (If you require assistance in securing data from your copier hard drive prior to having Surplus Property dispose of them, both Xerox and Ricoh have agreed to assist their University customers in securing their data. Both have options for data overwrite or for hard drive surrender at no cost or very minimal cost to the department. See Xerox and Ricoh contacts.)

Surplus Property may resell “clean” hard drives through the Surplus Storefront or Auction. If a hard drive is deemed unfit for resale, it will be destroyed utilizing an industrial hard drive shredding system, which is operated by Surplus Property. The shredded hard drives are then recycled or sold at auction. For all other media devices, contact Surplus Property for more information.