Stationery Ordering Tips

  • Use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari when placing an order to West Press.
  • When placing multiple orders to West Press the system can time out.
  • Make sure to Save Autofill Content so you can repopulate your form.
  • Once an order is submitted to West Press the order cannot be modified.
  • View the West Press Training Guide for further detailed ordering information.

How to Order Stationery Items Using Arizona BuyWays/West Press

  1. Go to UAccess Financials and click on "Orders" to go to Arizona BuyWays
  2. Click on Shop Catalogs
  3. Locate the “West Press” logo, which is under Office/Computer
  4. Click on the “West Press” logo
  5. To select items for an order, go to Catalog of Products
  6. Click on the desired Catalog category
  7. Select an item to purchase
  8. After the item is selected, click on “Customize”
  9. Fill in the necessary information on the Form
  10. After information is filled in, click on “Update”
  11. After clicking on “Update” the proof view will display information entered on form
  12. Next click on “Open PDF”. This is your proof.
  13. If the information is correct, then move on to step 13. If the information is incorrect, repeat steps 8 – 11.
  14. Save a copy of the PDF and close the Preview window
  15. Make sure to Save Autofill Content under phone number 3
  16. Select a quantity, then “Add to Cart”
  17. Items ordered will display in your Shopping Cart
  18. To continue shopping, click on “Back to Catalog”. Remember the system can time out.
  19. Repeat steps 5 - 16
  20. After purchase is complete, click on “Transfer Cart”
  21. A Shopping Cart will be created in Arizona BuyWays
  22. In the upper right corner click on Proceed to UAccess Financials
  23. The last step is moving the cart to UAccess Financials to add account and delivery information

If you experience any difficulties placing an order to West Press, please feel free to contact the Arizona BuyWays Helpline at 520-626-8979, or contact Printing Services below.

Karen Campasano

Mauretta Allan