Purchasing FAQs

Process a requisition for the exact amount of the purchase (including taxes, shipping, etc.). Purchasing will issue a purchase order and send it to Accounts Payable to write a check. If you need to pick up the check, let us know so we can alert Accounts Payable. If not, the purchase order and check will be mailed to the Vendor.
Orders of $10,000 or more require solicitations.
The $10,000 solicitation requirement is for the total order reqardless of the number of items. Please note that intentionally fragmenting/pyramiding orders to circumvent the solicitation requirement is a violation of University and ABOR Purchasing Policies, and applicable State Law, and may result in disciplinary action including civil or criminal charges.
A sole source exists when there is a need for a specific item or service that is only available from one source. A Sole Source Justification Form (pdf) must accompany the requisition.
If the PCard would not be practicable, a requisition may be used for the purchase. State the reason why the PCard is not being used in the notepad of the requisition and submit to Purchasing.
Vendors will usually receive their copy of the Purchase Order within 3-5 days after is is entered in UAF. If the Purchase Order is faxed, the original will be mailed the following business day (if applicable).
The University does not have a Bid list, Vendors should visit the Vendor Resoures page for information on How to do Business with the University.  
If a Contracted Vendor does not meet your needs, justification must be submitted with the requisition. Purchasing will review the justification and if appropriate, will process the order in accordance with University Policies and Procedures.