Purchasing Card Forms

Please submit via Secure Upload. Utilize Adobe Sign and keep with full routing when uploading. Note: Electronic Signature must contain date/time stamp. Do not submit these forms by fax.

Applications and Roles

Application and Transfer Checklist

  • To assist in preparation of PCard Applications and PCard Transfers

Department Application

  • To apply for a PCard in the name of a department

Individual Application

  • To apply for a PCard in the name of an employee

Transfer Application

  • To transfer responsible cardholder for a department PCard

Liaison Assignment

  • For a new department to join the PCard program and assign a Liaison
  • For an established department to add and/or remove a Liaison

Reconciler/Reconciler Workgroup Assignment

  • To request addition/deletion of a Reconciler
  • To request a new Reconciler Workgroup
  • To request PCard be assigned to a different Reconciler workgroup

Change and Delete


  • To change PCard limits or address information
  • To add/delete enhancements


  • To delete/cancel a Purchasing Card
  • Receipt confirmation email will be sent to Liaison

PCard Compliance Forms

See PCard Compliance for the following forms and topics:

  • Department Card Checkout Log
  • Documentation and Reconciliation
  • Missing Receipts
  • Monthly Due Dates
  • PCDO Notes and Attachments 
  • Purchase Authorization and Guidelines
  • Self-Reporting Violations