The Contracting Process: What You Need To Know To Get Started

Please review the Contracting Process Guide.

Procedures Specific to Contracts Processed by Procurement and Contracting Services

If a supplier asks you to sign a document, it's probably a contract of some type whether it's called a contract or not. Do not sign the document. We can offer guidance and assistance with your contract. Please send the contract to our office for review, negotiation, and signature.

Prior to submitting a contract or agreement to our office, please keep in mind the following:

  • If the transaction involves the issuance of a Requisition, the contract should be forwarded to Purchasing as an attachment. If the transaction involves the issuance of a Purchase Order, the contract should be forwarded to the appropriate Buyer for review and signature. In general, any transaction costing more than $10,000.00 should go to Purchasing.
  • All contracts associated with a Disbursement Voucher or P-Card will be managed and signed by the Contracting Office. In general, any transaction costing $10,000.00 or less should go to Contracting.
  • Make sure Terms & Conditions are included, either on the back of the document or as an attachment; contact the vendor if the Terms & Conditions are missing. Submitting contracts without all the necessary Terms & Conditions will delay the review and execution of your contract.
  • Please include all referenced Exhibits, Addenda, or other attachments. Submitting contracts without all the necessary attachments will delay the review and execution of your contract.
  • If an insurance certificate is required by contract, check that: certificates are attached, current, and in amounts that match the contract amounts; additional insured language is included. If the Certificate of Insurance is missing or does not contain the written requirements, please contact the vendor and request the correct and appropriate insurance. Any reduced limits or waivers need to have prior written approval of Risk Management (621-1790).

Current Insurance Requirements (as applicable):

  • $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability, each occurrence
  • $1,000,000 Commercial Vehicle Liability, each occurrence
  • Worker’s Compensation, statutory requirements
  • The insurance certificate MUST include the following as an additional insured:
    “The State of Arizona, the Arizona Board of Regents, and the University of Arizona”

READ the contract to ensure the following, as applicable:

  • All blanks are filled in correctly;
  • Freight charges are reflected correctly;
  • Dollar amounts match;
  • Taxes are included;
  • Payment terms are acceptable;
  • Equipment installation terms are accurate;
  • Pick up and return of equipment is acceptable;
  • Warranty is acceptable;
  • Maintenance, if needed, is included;
  • Term of the Agreement is correct;
  • Any renewal options, if necessary, are included;
  • Is automatic renewal desired?

Contracting reviews contracts for LEGAL CONTENT only and may not be aware of any special terms and conditions negotiated prior to the contract being issued.