PCard Training and Policy Guides


PCard Policy Training is currently offered by an on-line policy review. If obtaining a new PCard, please review PCard Policies/Supplemental Information and complete the PCard On-line Exam prior to submitting an application. After receiving the "original" credit card application the PCard office will contact the Departmental Liaison, once all requirements have been verified, PCard has been ordered, and is available for pick-up.

Online Training

To complete online training, PCard holders should review the PCard Policy Manual and then complete the PCard Policy Exam.

The purpose of the exam is to assess the cardholder's mastery of the Purchasing Card program. 100% of the questions in each section must be answered correctly to receive a PCard. Please contact PCard Customer Service at 626-9091 for questions regarding the PCard Policy Exam.

Classroom Training

PCard Workshops available for registration sign up through UAccess Learning

  • Purchasing: PCard Liaison & Reconciler Quick Tips (UA-1157) *** Next class available 10/30/18
  • Purchasing: PCard Policy (UA-1015)¬† (in process of scheduling for Nov. 2018)

If you would like to schedule a refresher training for an existing department within the program contact the PCard Customer Service Office at 520-626-9091.

Policy Guides

PCard Policy Manual
Click on the link above, to view the policies and procedures relating to the use of the PCard Program. Policy includes Roles and Responsibilities, Classic PCard Program, Travel Enhancement PCard Program and PCard Plus Program information.

PCard Plus Enhancement Supplemental
The PCard Plus Enhancement is an optional enhancement which allows for business meeting, business entertainment, special event and employee recognition expenses. Refer to the PCard Policy Manual for full details. Click on the PCard Plus Enhancement Supplemental Tutorial to view some basic information.

PCard Reconciliation & Fiscal Office Approval of PCard Transactions (refer to UPK Tutorial for UAccess Financials along with Reconciliation/Approvals and Supplemental Information).