Purchasing Policies Manual


Policy Title: Uniform Policies Regardless of Fund Source
Policy Number: 2.1
Effective: February 1996
Latest Revision: August 2006

General policies concerning purchasing apply to all University funds (except agency funds), regardless of source. Funds deposited within the University must be handled consistently in accordance with University policies. Some funds are less restrictive than others. Discretionary funds must be administered in accordance with standard University policy. For complete Financial Management information see Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.

Policy Title: Purchase Requisition
Policy Number: 2.2
Effective: February 1996
Latest Revision: July 2017

The Purchasing on-line requisition system must be used to create a purchase requisition for ordering all supplies, equipment, and services costing in excess of $10,000 from off-campus vendors. Transactions of $10,000, or less, should be handled via the P-Card, or Arizona BuyWays. Exceptions are documented in Financial Policies and Procedures Manual, Policy 9.10.

Specifications must be concise but complete in detail without being proprietary to a single vendor. Description information should be adequate to permit the purchase of the desired item without reference to the catalog number. However, the catalog number and/or model number may be used to establish the quality desired. Line item description on the requisition must be in sufficient detail to enable the transfer of that description to the purchase order or bid/proposal document without modification. Do not use line item description for messages or general comments; the notes and attachments field is intended for that purpose. The requisition entry and approval instructions can be found in the UITS Player online tutorials.

Prior to submitting a requisition for the purchase of an instrument or item of equipment, the requesting department should ascertain whether power requirements or other utilities are available. These requirements should be specified on the requisition. Space requirements, floor landing, access by elevator, door openings, etc., should also be checked where applicable with Facilities Management.

Policy Number: 2.3 Tracking a Requisition
Effective: February 1996
Latest Revision: September 2006

The status of a Purchase Requisition can be determined by "Conducting a Document Search". Refer to the UITS Player online tutorials for instructions on how to perform a document search. 


Policy Title: Expenditures Near Termination of a Budget Period
Policy Number: 2.4
Effective: February 1996

Rush expenditures near the end of a budget period should not be requested. It is particularly important that requisitions for supply items and equipment from research grant budgets be submitted sufficiently early so that the procurement process can be accomplished and delivery secured before the end of the grant period. Requisitions on state funds and other funds that conform to the state fiscal year should be processed in a timely fashion to assure delivery of orders before the end of the fiscal year.

All purchase orders having an outstanding encumbrance at the end of the budget period will be carried over automatically into the new budget period. The process of carrying over encumbrances to the new budget period does not imply the availability of funds or that budgets will be increased accordingly.

Policy Title: Subscription Payments
Policy Number: 2.5
Effective: February 1996
Latest Revision: September 2006

Subscriptions may be processed (in order of preference) using the: 1) Purchasing Card; 2) Disbursement Voucher; or 3) a Requisition.

Subscription requests, or any request involving the mailing of periodic literature, should show a complete mailing address. Show the mailing address in the "Deliver To" space.


The University of Arizona
c/o Individual's Name
Bldg, Room
Tucson, AZ 857XX

The Purchasing Card is the more appropriate means of paying for subscriptions. If the vendor does not accept the Purchasing Card, then a Disbursement Voucher should be used.

If using a requistion for subscription payment, forward the original invoice or renewal invoice as a requisition attachment.

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