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PCard Document Upload

Use our new Document Upload to submit forms to PCard Administration.

Phishing Alert Reminder

JP Morgan Chase will not send emails asking you to click on any links. Please contact the PCard Office immediately.

Dashboard Assistance

Do you have questions about the dashboard page? Do you have a suggestion for improvement?

Contact University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR) at 520-621-3030 or uair@email.arizona.edu.

University Amazon Business Accounts

For questions concerning Amazon purchases, contact PCard Administration at 520-626-9091 or Pcard@fso.arizona.edu.

SWABIZ Presentation

Watch the video presentation

Quick Tips - March 5, 2019

Download our Quick Tips Brochure

Training Assistance

Hint for finding classes in EDGE Learning: Enter "PCard" in the Learning Catalog search bar.

PCard Liaisons can also contact us to schedule on-site training for a group. Note: These can be customized for cardholders (Refresher Trainings) and or Reconcilers.

PCard Administration also performs outreach to departments to help with; reviewing limits, number of cards, enhancement, etc., for optimizing program for each respective unit.

Campus PCard Application and Transfer

Refer to our Campus PCard Application and PCard Transfer Checklist to assist in preparation of PCard Applications and PCard Transfers

Standard MCC Code Listing for PCards

  • 951 (Basic PCard)
  • 954 (PCard Plus Enhancement)
  • 957 (PCard Travel Enhancement)
  • 960 (PCard Hotel Enhancement)

PCard Customer Service

Ph: 520-626-9091

Who to Contact for What

Loss, Theft, or Fraud

If your PCard has been lost or stolen, or you see a fraudulent transaction in UAccess Financials, contact the PCard Office immediately. If you are unable to reach a PCard staff member directly and/or it is after hours or on the weekend - Contact JP Morgan Chase Customer Services at 800-270-7760 for assistance (do not just leave a message for the PCard Office). Please be sure to follow up with PCard Office providing all of the details including what action was taken by JP Morgan Chase.

Upcoming PCard Workshops

Registration is available through EDGE Learning

  • Purchasing: PCard Liaison & Reconciler Quick Tips (1157)
  • Purchasing: PCard Policy Prep. (1015)
  • Purchasing: PCard Cardholder or Responsible Cardholder PCard Training (1489)

Please contact the PCard Office if you have any questions.

"Post Date" Statement/Cycle Ranges

07/07/2021 to 08/06/2021
08/07/2021 to 09/06/2021
09/07/2021 to 10/06/2021
10/07/2021 to 11/08/2021
11/09/2021 to 12/06/2021
12/07/2021 to 01/06/2022
01/07/2022 to 02/07/2022
02/08/2022 to 03/07/2022
03/08/2022 to 04/06/2022
04/07/2022 to 05/06/2022
05/07/2022 to 06/06/2022
06/07/2022 to 07/06/2022

Ethics and Compliance Hotline: 1-866-364-1908
24/7 resource for employees, students, and the general public to anonymously report perceived legal or policy violations or unethical conduct.

Additional Reminders

  • Liaisons are required to submit PCard Delete forms on individual PCards for terminating/retiring cardholders, and Transfer forms on Department PCards when the responsible cardholder terminates/retires.
  • Reconciler Workgroup forms are to be submitted by Liaison when a Reconciler Terminates/Retires.
  • If a PCard has PCard Plus - and is being used at an event held at a restaurant in a Hotel i.e. Starr Pass, Marriott, Arizona Inn -PCard Administration must be contacted prior to the event to lift the block.
  • All Cardholders and Responsible Cardholders should be reviewing their PCard Transactions PCDO(s) in UAF.  Cardholders and Responsible Cardholders receive FYI's on all PCard Transactions on their Individual PCards and Departmental PCards they are the Responsible Cardholder on.

UAccess Financials: Purchasing Card Reconciliation and Fiscal Officer Approval Supplemental Information

Tutorials/Support: UAccess Financials Reference Guides

A wallet size PCard general guidelines card with excerpts of Purchases Allowed and Not Allowed can be printed.