Central/AHSC Receiving Services

  • Ships University related freight utilizing a variety of freight carriers
  • Provides shipping information to campus departments
  • Ships returned merchandise to vendors

Freight Shipments

Non Purchase Order (PO) Related Package

To ship University property that is a non PO related item(s), complete a Freight Shipping Form and fax it to Central Receiving at 621-3196. Once Central Receiving receives the form a pick up ticket is generated and the item(s) is picked up the next work day. After Central Receiving receives the item(s), the shipment is weighed, measured, classified and palletized. Various shippers are contacted for quotes and your Department is advised of the quotes to determine the best carrier for the shipment. Last, the carrier is notified of the shipment. Shippers are required to provide your Department with tracking information within 24 hours of the package(s) pick up from Central Receiving.

Purchase Order (PO) Related Package

Requests for supplies or equipment to be returned to the vendor, for adjustment or credit, must be arranged with the vendor, from whom a Return Authorization Number must be obtained. Make arrangements with the vendor to return the product(s).

The Department is responsible for preparing the item(s) for return. This includes packing, sealing, labeling, Return Authorization Number, etc. Central Receiving or AHSC Receiving can arrange for packaging at an additional cost to the Department.

Inspection of Items Received by Departments

Products or services that require receiving must be entered in UAccess Financials. All items should be inspected for content and damages promptly upon receiving.

If Accounts Payable receives an invoice, and receiving information is not recorded in UAccess Financials, Accounts Payable will generate an email notice to the Department requesting receiving information. The Department will be able to view the invoice via ISW and respond with the receiving information. A notice will continue to be sent to the Department until the information is obtained.

Invoices enclosed with shipments, except those for PCard purchases, should be sent directly to Accounts Payable. Please date, sign and mark each item that was received.

An individual who is going to be away from the University for a significant amount of time should arrange for another individual to receive, unpack, and inspect merchandise upon receipt.

Mistakes in Shipping by Vendor

Mistakes in shipping should be reported promptly in a Notepad to the Purchase Order in UAccess Financials. Departments should give sufficient detail, concerning the mistake, to alert Accounts Payable of the problem so as to avoid erroneous payment.

Customer Service: Phone: 520-621-3877 or Fax: 520-621-3196