Central FAQ's

If the shortage pertains to an Office Depot order, give it an extra day. When we receive the packages from Office Depot, we make a notation of the shortage on the Office Depot delivery log and fax it to Office Depot. Office Depot generally sends the package the next day. For other shortages, such as orders placed via Purchase Order and Arizona BuyWays, contact the vendor directly and notify them of the shortage.
Contact Central Receiving at (520)-621-3877 and provide them with the Purchase Order Number. Central Receiving will then track the package(s) for receipt.
Regular ground shipments are processed by Central Receiving for delivery the following workday. Items that are Next Day, Overnight, and 2nd Day are processed for delivery the same day they are received at Central Receiving. Large items which arrive by freight carrier are processed by Central Receiving and are staged for delivery by the bulk delivery driver. The driver will make arrangements with the department for delivery.

Freight shipments can be handled by Central Receiving. Go to the Central Receiving Services web page, and follow the instructions for Freight Shipments. Complete the Freight Shipping Form, and fax it to Central Receiving at (520)-621-3196.