Approved Caterers

Catering List & University Foundation-approved Bartenders
Updated October 31, 2018
(We are continuously revising this list, so please check often for updates)


The current flowchart is being revised, please contact Contracting to help you determine whether you need to use a vendor from the Approved Caterer list.

If you are using University or UA Foundation funds to host an event (whether it is on or off the MAIN CAMPUS) and the cost will exceed $750, you must use a vendor from the list of Approved Caterers. Note that if you are on the MAIN CAMPUS you must first contact the Student Union at (520) 621-1989 for food service or to request an exemption. If you are uncertain whether you qualify as being on the MAIN CAMPUS, please call the Student Union to determine whether they would provide food service to your location.

If you are using University or UA Foundation funds to host an event (whether it is on or off the MAIN CAMPUS) and the cost is less than $750, you have two options: catered or drop-and-go service.

  1. A CATERED event is one at which the vendor provides full food and/or beverage service, including preparation, delivery, set-up and removal of food and serve-ware. The vendor may or may not leave an employee on-site for the duration of the event. The vendor must be on the list of Approved Caterers.
  2. A DROP & GO event is one at which there is no set-up and removal of food and serve-ware, and an employee of the organization is not on-site for the duration of the meal (e.g., boxed lunches, sandwiches, pizza, fast-food, etc.). The vendor may be any vendor of your choosing.

Approved Caterers

The list of Approved Caterers accommodates those departments that have University or UA Foundation-funded catering needs on or off campus, including those departments located in the Phoenix area. If you do not see a caterer on the list that you would like to use, please call our office for a copy of the Master Agreement for Catering Services, (520) 626-3919. If an authorized caterer is not used, payment for their services may be denied or withheld; this includes payment from the University of Arizona Foundation.

For further information, refer to the UA Catering & Food Service Policy.

The lists of Approved Caterers below are grouped by location: Tucson On-Campus, Tucson Metro Area, and Phoenix Metro Area.


Alcoholic beverages must be served by a contractor who has a certificate of insurance on file with the University and agrees to be bound by the provisions of the University's Alcohol Permit. The University does not recommend bartenders and University funds cannot be used to pay for alcohol. Please review the University of Arizona Foundation Approved Bartenders List for bartenders who have approved insurance certificates on file.

Bartenders are responsible for providing the appropriate information and for complying with the instructions on the UA Alcohol Permit Application. In addition, departments using bartending services must obtain an original signature from the approved bartender on the application. Faxed signatures are not acceptable.

For additional information about bartending services please contact:

Room 348 SUMC
P.O. Box 210017
Tucson, Arizona, 85721-0017
Phone: (520) 621-1989