Surplus Property - Program Information

The Surplus Property Office is charged with disposition and re-utilization of all University of Arizona property whether capital or non capital following State guidelines. Property not re-utilized within the University system, is disposed to the public through a competitive process. The most common method of disposal is through Public Auctions, which are conducted once a month. Other methods are through Special Bid sales, and the Surplus Property Storefront (pdf).


Surplus Property provides the following services to campus departments:

  • Free pick up and delivery of excess property utilizing two trucks
  • Pick up used laser & printer cartridges
  • Sell excess property to other departments and to the public, and distributing funds to the releasing department depending on a Fee Schedule
  • Contact departments looking for specific items
  • Process trade-in paperwork
  • Process transfer of University property to other government agencies, including transfers to other universities
  • Notify Property Management of the disposal of capital equipment
Disposal of University Property

The process begins with entering a disposal request in the Surplus Property system via the Surplus Property Management System. A user name and password are required to enter the system. Once approved, Department Heads and Business Managers are able to enter new users and assign passwords, as well as security levels.

For instructions on completing a disposal request, click here. For instructions on how to authorize a disposal request, click here.

Once the disposal request is entered, and authorized, the request is electronically routed to the Surplus Property Office for processing.

Policies and Procedures

Any and all personal property in University custody, whether capital or not, is considered University property. Disposal or relocation of any and all University property will be in accordance with Surplus Property procedures.

Donating University Property
The Arizona Revised Statutes prohibit State agencies from giving away property, fair market value must be received in kind. In compliance with these statutes, the University prohibits the donation of University property. Individuals desiring to donate University property may purchase that property at a public auction with their personal funds for that purpose.

Guidelines for Erasing Computer and Photocopier Hard Drives
To ensure that appropriate precautions are taken to protect University data found on computer and photocopier hard drives, all hard drives are removed by Surplus Property personnel and all data are erased using WipeMASSter Hard Drive Eraser. Designed to meet DoD 5220-22M security erasure specifications, WipeMASSter overwrites and erases data on the hard drive up to 8 times, thus guaranteeing the information on the drive is unrecoverable. Once the hard drives have been wiped clean, they are moved to and locked in the Surplus Property “Sales Area” for auction.  Hard drives that fail the “wiping” process are stock-piled and will then be destroyed at a separate facility.

If you require assistance in securing data from your copier hard drive prior to having Surplus Property dispose of them, both Xerox and Ricoh Office Solutions have agreed to assist their University customers in securing their data. Both have options for data overwrite or for hard drive surrender at no cost, or very minimal cost to the department. Contact information for these vendors is at:

Disposal of University Property
Federal titled property cannot be disposed through Surplus Property. The following is a list of disposal methods:

Turning in University Property
University property that is no longer in use must be turned into Surplus Property for redistribution or disposal. All sales, disposals and transfers of all University property must be processed through Surplus Property. Once Surplus Property receives the material, it is determined to keep for redistribution within the University system or put into a public auction.

Trading In University Property
University departments may trade in University property for new items, on the condition that a product or service will be acquired. Please note: a trade that results in the department receiving funds in addition to a new item is considered a sale not a trade. Click here for more info.

Special Bid Sales
Special Bid sales are conducted on property that is unique or that has a high dollar value. Once Surplus Property receives the disposal form, a bid form is generated and department approval is requested. The bid form is sent to potential buyers for bidding. The University of Arizona is required to advertise the equipment for sale, which the costs are deducted from the sale proceeds. After the bid closing date, Surplus Property tabulates the bids and sends the list for department approval. The department has the right to reject or accept the high bid. Minimum bids may be established on the bid form, however, it is discouraged to post because bids that are received close to the minimum will not be accepted.

Interagency Transfers - "Government Agency Sales"
It is possible to sell to another government agency or public institution. Public Agency or Public Institution is hereby defined as another University, State, Federal, County, and City entities. An agreed price is established by the department, the purchaser and Surplus Property. Surplus Property will invoice the purchaser and monitor payment. Click here for guidelines for Interagency Transfers - "Government Agency Sales."

Intra-University Sales
University property may be sold to another University department. Click here for more info.

University property may be cannibalized for parts to repair other university equipment. Notification is sent to Property Management for equipment that contains an A-Tag, property control number.

Surplus Property receives all funds from the sale of property and deposits in a holding account. After the account is reconciled funds are distributed to the owning department according to the following fee schedule:

Fee Structure
Funds Received Distribution to Dept Surplus Property Commission
Up to $200 $0 All
$201 - $500 40% over $200 $200 + 60% over $200
$501 - $1000 50% over $200 $200 + 50% over $200
$1001 - $5000 60% over $200 $200 + 40% over $200
Over $5000 70% over $200 $200 + 30% over $200

For Special Bid Sales
The distribution to the Department is 80% and Surplus Property commission 20% with a cap on Surplus Property commission of $1200. In addition, advertising costs are deducted from the sale proceeds.

For Direct Sales (Interagency Transfer-"Government Agency Sales")
The distribution to the Department is 80% and Surplus Property commission is 20% with a cap of $300.