Postal Services FAQ's

Q. Do I need to include the Post Office Box Number on intra-campus mail?

A. No, we will do our best to deliver your mail no matter what the address. However, to expedite the mail it is a good idea to include the Post Office Box Number.

Q. I want to do a bulk mailing. Who do I contact?

A. Karen Campasano at 621-9514, or Mauretta Allan at 621-7306. See attached Memo for more information.

Q. How long does it take to mail something across campus?

A. It should be delivered within a 24 hour period. If not, please contact us immediately for the best chance of locating the article.

Q. What is the difference between Certified and Registered Mail?

A. In most cases you should send items such as important paperwork, etc. via Certified. However, if you are sending something with intrinsic value such as cash or diamonds, or something to another country, it is best to send it Registered Mail.

Q. Can your machines seal my envelopes?

A. Our machines seal standard #10 business sized envelopes only. You must rubber band them with the envelope flaps up (nested).