Index to PCard Policies Manual


Activating/Renewing/Cancellation PCard Plus Responsibilities
Activation  PCard Plus Unallowable Expenses
Approver Responsibilities Pcard Plus Use
Banking Software PCard Specifications (e.g. limits; accounts)
Cancellation Preapprovals Required
Card Enhancements Process Overview
Cardholder Responsibilities Program Resource Links
Compliance (FSO) Purchase Rewards
Compliance Requirements Pyramiding Violations
Default Accounts Reconciler Respnsibilities
Department Head Responsibilities Reconciliation & Approval
Department PCard Renewal
Dept. Pcard - Individual Respnsibilities Requirements of Program
Disputable Transactions Restricted Accounts
Documentation Requirements (FSO) Restrictions/Requirements/Limitations (Table) 
Employee Travel Roles & Responsibilities
Fraud - Dept. Card Sales Tax Information
Fraud - Individual Card Single Purchase Limit Violations
Fraudulent Transactions Single Purchase Limits
FRS Accounts for PCard Spending Limits
GHOST Card Strategic Alliances & University Wide Contracts
Individual PCard Table of Contents
Introduction to the Program Training - All Cardholders
Liaison Responsibilities Training - All Liaisons
Misuse Policy Training - All Reconcillers & Approvers
Monthly Purchase Limits Training Requirements
Non-Employee Travel Transaction Limits
Not Approved - Violations Transaction Parameters
Not Reconciled - Violations Travel Enhancements
Ordering Information (phone & Internet) Types of PCards
PCard Issuance Unauthorized Sharing of PCard
PCard Plus University Wide-Contracts

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