Moving Agreements

I. The Background

II. The Policy

III. The Process

IV. Vendors

Nor-Cal / ALLIED VAN LINES (No bidding required) Dircks / MAYFLOWER TRANSIT (No bidding required)
A-1 Freeman / North American Van Lines (No bidding required)  
BEKINS VAN LINES (Bidding required) Suddath / UNITED VAN LINES (No bidding required)
Beltmann / NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES (Bidding required) Citizens / ALLIED VAN LINES (Bidding required)
Bell / WHEATON WORLDWIDE (Bidding required)  

For questions or more information please contact Procurement & Contracting Services (Purchasing Department.)

Jeff Sembar, Buyer or call 626-7439


Ted Nasser, C.P.M., Chief Procurment Officer or call 621-5449

The Background

One of the most important first steps that a department can do to help their new hire get a great start at the University of Arizona is to ensure that their move to Tucson is handled professionally, and with kid gloves.  Moving across the country, or just across the street, is one of the single most stress causing events that people ever experience.

In our pursuit to provide the University with the best moving services possible, we have established pricing agreements with 8 national moving companies, which offer highly discounted rates along with other benefits at no additional cost to new employees relocating to the University.  Some of these benefits are: free valuation (insurance); waiver of peak transportation rates (during the summer months & holidays); discounted rates for international moves; discounted rates for current employees along with retirees.  Since 4 of these agreements (BEKINS, Beltmann / North American, Bell / Wheaton,  and Citizens / Allied) were not established via a competitive bid/proposal solicitation, if the move will be over $10,000, at least 3 bids will need to be obtained.

Four agreements (bidding not required) have been established through the University's membership in the Educational & Institutional Cooperative (E & I) and are the result of a competitive sealed Request for Propoals process.  The agreements are with: Mayflower Transit (Mayflower) through its agent Dircks Moving Services (Dircks); United Van Lines (United) through its agent Suddath Relocation Systems (Suddath); Allied Van Lines (Allied) through its agent Nor-Cal Moving Services (Nor-Cal); and North American Van Lines through its agent A-1 Freeman Moving Group (A-1 Freeman).  While all of our moving agreements provide a multitude of benefits, using Dircks, SuddathNor-Cal  or A-1 Freeman will afford the University with the following additional benefits:

  • Preferential Status: The contract with E & I is one of the largest that Allied, United, and Mayflower have. The University will receive preferential status by affiliation with this Key Account with Allied, United, Mayflower, North American (A-1 Freeman) using the clout of more than 2,500 E & I member institutions.
  • Bidding Not Required: Since the contract was awarded via a sealed competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process, Dircks, SuddathNor-Cal  and A-1 Freeman may be used without going through the bid process again, even if the amount is over $10,000.
  • Highly Trained Drivers: Experienced, professional moving drivers have been in short supply in the last couple of years. By using Dircks, Suddath, Nor-Cal or A-1 Freeman you will have priority access to highly trained, professional drivers that work for Allied, United, Mayflower or North American or their agents.  This lowers the risk of getting a driver who is an independent contractor, who may not be as skilled, loyal, or as motivated to provide the top-notch service that the University expects.
  • Moving Consultant: A Certified Moving Consultant will be assigned to provide caring and professional guidance before, during and after your move.

To ensure new hires of this “positive” moving experience, whether the University will reimburse them for the moving expenses or not, they should use the designated booking agents listed below, for the contracted national moving companies. They have been designated because they are very knowledgeable of our Agreement, the discounts, along with all of the additional “no charge” benefits afforded by our Agreements, and most importantly, they REALLY CARE. They are ALL committed to the best customer service possible.

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The Policy

Under current FPP Policy #9.14, a new employee to the University, provided with a departmental moving allowance, can select a moving company to handle their relocation and then seek reimbursement from the University up to the amount of the department allocation. If the new employee utilizes the designated booking agents for our contracted national moving companies, they will be able to begin their employment with a very positive attitude and not wondering why they used that mover.

In order for your newly hired employees to start their new job in the most positive frame of mind possible, you should inform them, in the initial Offer Letter with a copy of the New Hire Moving Information sheet, or in an informational follow up letter, that the University has moving Agreements in place to ensure that their moving experience will be as positive as possible.  A departmental contact along with a purchasing contact should be given to the new hire, along with which expenses are reimbursable, and which are not.

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The Process

Due to our moving Agreements being in place, only one (1) “not to exceed” estimate is required by Procurement and Contracting Services, as long as the designated booking agents are used and the cost is less than $10,000. 

Step #1: The new hire should contact one of the designated booking agents below, as soon as possible.  They should identify themselves as a new employee of the "University of Arizona" and that they want the contract rate and benefits per the University of Arizona contract.  The designated booking agent will then arrange for the local affiliate agent to schedule a walk through inspection with the new employee.  This will result in a “not to exceed” quote or estimate. 

Step #2: If the estimate is under $10,000 and is acceptable to the new employee, they agree on the pickup and delivery dates and contract for the move.  If the estimate is over $10,000, then 3 not-to-exceed estimates must be obtained, unless the estimate is from either Dircks, Suddath, Nor-Cal or A-1 Freeman

Step #3: Once they begin their employment, they submit the original quote or estimate, along with the acceptable original payment receipt to the department’s business office. 

Step #4: The estimate and receipt, along with the other required paperwork (see #6 of the FPP Relocation Policy #9.14), is then attached to a Disbursement Voucher (DV) and sent to Accounts Payable for reimbursement.

If a department will be paying for the move (as stated in the Hiring Form) via a purchase order instead of Disbursement Voucher, then the Steps are as follows. Steps #1 and #2 are the same as above.

Step #3: The department then needs to promptly prepare an online requisition and send a copy of the estimate and a copy of the Hiring Form or Offer Letter to Procurement and Contracting Services as attachments.  A purchase order will then be processed and sent to the vendor. 

Step #4: The vendor performs the move and invoices for payment, and Accounts Payable makes the payment.

Please keep in mind, and inform the new employee up front, that the move itself is solely the responsibility of the new employee.  The contract for the move, along with any problems that may result from the move, is between the employee and the moving company.  The University’s only involvement is the reimbursement to the employee or payment to the vendor.  The new employee must handle any and all claims.

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For questions or further information concerning the Moving Agreements, please contact: Jeff Sembar, Buyer, at 520-626-7439, by fax 520-621-5179, or by email at or Ted Nasser, C.P.M., Chief Procurement Officer, at 520-621-5449, by fax to 520-621-5179, or by email at

Remember, the sooner a mover is contacted the better the chances are for being able to move on the dates that the employee WANTS to and not when the mover CAN provide the service.

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The following 4 Vendors are E&I Cooperative Contracted Vendors and do not require additional estimates as they have already been competitively bid.


E & I Contracted Booking Agent for the University is:

Suddath Relocation Systems (formerly Horizon Moving Systems) - E&I Contract #CNR-01257

Established in 1919, Suddath Relocation Systems specializes in worldwide household goods relocation, office moving and workplace solutions, and warehousing and logistics management.  Suddath has more than 2,000 employees nationwide and operates in 22 locations throughout the United States and more than 150 countries around the world.  Suddath is also the largest agent of UniGroup, Inc. (United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit), and offers customized solutions for packing, delivery and storage for household goods, automobiles, labs and more – locally or around the globe.  Suddath is committed to providing high quality services and peace of mind for a smooth and positive moving experience.  Please visit and call for assistance.

Contact: Move Coordinators

Toll Free Telephone #: 800-547-6953
Fax #: 520-747-1525


For Additional Information or Services: Rhonda Chaney, UA Account Executive

Cellphone #: 520-975-3056


Free Valuation up to $120,000.00
Guaranteed Pick Up & Delivery Dates and Expedited National Account Priority Service
Free in-person surveys performed, with Binding / "Not to Exceed" estimates

Vendor # 52570-0 (Suddath - formerly Horizon) (Big Business)

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E & I Cooperative Contracted Booking Agent for the University is:

Dircks Moving & Logistics Services - E&I Contract #CNR-01257

With Dircks, you will enjoy a single point of contact, your own Move Coordinator acting as a personal move concierge that will be with you every step of the way.  Your Move Coordinator will help you get started by scheduling your free in-home estimate.  For those smaller sized moves we offer multiple transportation options, including containers. Not only do we relocate employees, Dircks is an experienced University leader in handling facility, office, laboratories and specialized electronic moves. Delivering peace of mind internationally for 25 years, Dircks Moving is proud to be a Customer Choice Award Winner, given to the top customer service agent in the United States for Mayflower, the most recognized name in moving.

Move Coordinator: Michelle Carney

Toll Free Telephone #: 800-523-5038, ext. 5506
Direct Dial: 602-269-5506


Executive VP: Rick Dircks

Toll Free Telephone #: 800-523-5038, ext. 5521
Direct Dial: 602-269-5521


Free Valuation up to $100,000
Guaranteed Pick Up & Delivery Dates
Free Estimates (Binding, not to Exceed Quotations)
University Expertise: Facility, Office, Electronics and Laboratory Specialists

Vendor # 30104-0 (Mayflower Transit) (Big Business)

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E & I Contracted Booking Agent for the University is:

Nor-Cal Moving Services - E&I Contract #CNR-01259

Contact: Matt Vukovic

Toll Free Telephone #: 800-543-4668
Local Telephone #: 510-780-2716
Cellular Telephone #: 650-722-3943
Facsimile #: 510-780-2650


Jennifer Silva

Toll Free Telephone #: 800-543-4668
Local Telephone #: 510-780-2768
Facsimile #: 510-780-2650


Free Valuation up to $100,000.00
Guaranteed Pick Up & Delivery Dates
Free Estimates (Binding, Not to Exceed Quotations)

Vendor # 18486-0 (Allied Van Lines) (Big Business)

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North American Van Lines

E & I Contracted Booking Agent for the University is:

A-1 Freemen Moving Group (National Provider and E&I Service Center) - E&I Contract #CNR-01259

Contracted to upgrade your relocation to Business Class, A-1 Freeman Moving Group guarantees the very best service for Arizona employees and alumni.  Celebrating 40-years as a top-rated nationwide provider among all movers, we safely deliver on the lowest total cost and will simplify your moving experience. Far superior to consumer-grade service suppliers, all University of Arizona employees are eligible for upgraded A-1 Freeman corporate services, including full replacement valuation coverage, priority load & delivery dispatch, VIP move status and priority crew assignment. This means you will receive free higher valuation coverage, be exempt from peak season surcharges, get first choice when setting move dates and receive expedited claims settlement. All at worry-free University/E&I pricing.


Maryea Ducot, Relocation Coordinator
Direct: 972-506-1729
Fax: 972-556-1261

Paul Stoltenberg, Program Director
Direct: 214-385-1135 cell / text


Upgraded to Business Class valuation coverage up to $125,000 included at no charge

Upgraded to dedicated Business Class drivers & crews for all University transferees

No-charge, binding not-to-exceed price quotations available.

Expanded Programs include International Freight and Moving, Commercial Relocation, Laboratory Relocation, High Value Product (e.g. fine arts) Relocation, Logistics, Library / Campus Moving, and Electronics Recycling.

Vendor # 120130-0 (A1 Freeman Moving and Storage, Inc.)

All of the following Agreements require 3 estimates if the amount exceeds $10,000.

Bekins Van Lines

Designated Booking Agent for the University is:

Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc.

The largest agent in the Bekins Van Line system with 21 domestic locations as a full service moving & storage company, providing local, interstate, intrastate, and international services, in household goods, electronics, office & industrial and customized solutions to all transportation needs. Small shipment specialists.

Contact: Vince Rennie

Local Telephone #: 520-790-4601
Cellular Telephone #: 520-400-4971
Toll Free Telephone #: 877-594-1187
Facsimile #: 520-790-7875

Free Consultation to review cost effective measures and services specific to each individual relocation.

Program Coordinator: Michael Carnevale

Local Telephone #: 520-790-4601
Direct Line: 520-205-5202
Facsimile #: 520-790-7875


Highly Competitive Pricing
Valuation Options (Includes Pairs & Sets)
Guaranteed Pick-Up & Delivery Dates
Claim Settlement Guarantee
Debris Removal Service
Expedited Services/Exclusive Use Of a Vehicle

Free Estimates
Option Not To Exceed Binding Pricing, Non-Binding Pricing, Firm Binding Pricing
Flat Rate Auto Shipment Pricing

Specialists in small shipments under 2,100 lbs., anywhere in the continental U.S.
Expedited Transit Times on Small Shipments

Vendor # 18722-0 (Bekins in Tucson) (Big Business) or Vendor#43772-0 (Bekins in Indiana)

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Designated Booking Agent for the University is:

The Beltmann Group #0586

Customer Care Representative: Karen Victor

Main #: 562-623-4662
Direct Dial: 602-353-3086
Hours: 9AM-6PM PST

Free Valuation up to $100,000.00
Guaranteed Pick Up & Delivery Dates & Expedited Transit Days
Free Estimates (Binding, Not to Exceed Quotations)
50% Discount on Storage-In-Transit
Premiere Class Auto Transport Service
Specialists in Lab moves - Cryogenic moving 104 Tariff
Corporate Class V.I.P. Service

Vendor # 21160-0 (North American Van Lines) (Big Business)

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Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Designated Booking Agent for the University is:

Bell Moving

Vicki Sharrett
Toll Free Telephone #: 800-932-3356
Telephone #: 513-682-5333

Guaranteed Pickup & Delivery Dates
Free Valuation up to $100,000
Complete Relocation Counseling
Free Not to Exceed Estimates
Auto Transportation
Lab Relocation Specialists

Vendor # 18350-0 (Wheaton Worldwide Moving) (Big Business)

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Allied Van Lines

Designated Booking Agent for the University is:

Citizens Transfer & Storage Co., Inc.

Contact: John Belton

Telephone #: 520-623-6301, ext. 215
Cellphone #: 520-400-4825
Facsimile #: 520-622-1137

Free Valuation up to $75,000.00
Guaranteed Pick Up & Delivery Dates (5,000 lbs or more)
Free Estimates (Binding, Not to Exceed Quotations)

Vendor # 26629-0 (Citizens Transfer & Storage Co.) (Big Business)

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