Purchasing Card

Procurement & Contracting Services is proud to bring you a convenient, safe way to make small dollar purchases and monitor your expenditures. The Purchasing Card (PCard) eliminates, as much as possible, the need for purchase orders and direct reimbursements by allowing designated staff and faculty to make purchases with a University credit card.
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 To view the Purchasing Card informational video (approx. 70 seconds) click here.


PCard Summer School August 5, 2015 for Liaisons and Reconcilers
Thanks to all who attended - there were approx. 200 attendees

PCard Classes are now available for registration in UAccess Learning

  • PCard Policy Prep Class
  • PCard Liaison and Reconciler Quick Tips Class
  • PCard Policy & Exam -   Self Paced Review of Policies and Exam

Hint for finding classes in UAccess Learning: > Find Learning (Use "PCard" in Search)

FY16 Purchasing Card JPMorgan Chase Statement Cycles:

  • 7/7/15 -    8/6/15
  • 8/7/15  -   9/8/15
  • 9/9/15 –   10/6/15  
  • 10/7/15 – 11/6/15
  • 11/7/15 – 12/7/15
  • 12/8/15 – 1/6/16
  • 1/7/16 –   2/5/16
  • 2/7/16 –   3/7/16
  • 3/8/16 –   4/6/16
  • 4/7/16 –   5/6/16
  • 5/7/16 –   6/6/16
  • 6/7/16 –  7/6/16

 PCard Quick Tips (Tri-fold)  Helpful hints for looking up PCard Information and PCard Reports

Campus PCard Application and PCard Transfer Checklist  Use this to assist in preparation of PCard Applications and PCard Transfers

Standard MCC Code Listing for PCards:

  • 951 (Basic PCard)
  • 954 (PCard Plus Enhancement)
  • 957 (PCard Travel Enhancement)

If your PCard has been lost or stolen, or you see a fraudulent transaction in UAccess Financials contact the PCard Office immediately. If you are unable to reach a PCard staff member directly and/or it is after hours or on the weekend - Contact JP Morgan Chase Customer Services at 800-270-7760 for assistance (do not just leave a message for the PCard Office). Please be sure to follow up with PCard Office providing all of the details including what action was taken by JP Morgan Chase.


  • Liaisons are required to submit PCard Delete forms on individual PCards for terminating/retiring cardholders, and Transfer forms on Department PCards when the responsible cardholder terminates/retires.  
  • Reconciler Workgroup forms are to be submitted by Liaison when a Reconciler Terminates/Retires. 
  • If a PCard has PCard Plus - and is being used at an event held at a restaurant in a Hotel i.e. Starr Pass, Marriott, Arizona Inn -PCard Administration must be contacted prior to the event to lift the block.
  • Important Reminder: when activating a PCard DO NOT enter last 4 digits of SS#, use EMPLID.

UAccess Financials:  Purchasing Card Reconciliation and Fiscal Officer Approval Supplemental Information

Tutorials/Support: UPK Tutorials, UAnswers, SuperUsers, Unit Implementation Leaders, 24/7

A wallet size PCard general guidelines card with excerpts of Purchases Allowed and Not Allowed (pdf) can be printed.

Purchasing Card Contact Information

Customer Service: Phone: 626-9091 Fax: 621-1245

Purchasing Card Staff

Karen Brookbanks

Karen Brookbanks

Karen Brookbanks, C.P.M., CPPB
PCard Manager
Phone: 621-3288
Fax: 621-1245

Paul Riggs

Paul Riggs

Paul Riggs
Office Specialist , Sr.
Phone: 621-5932
Fax: 621-1245

Cindy Sands

Cindy Sands

Cindy Sands
Office Specialist, Sr.
Phone: 621-3099
Fax: 621-1245

John Bentley

John Bentley

John Bentley, C.P.M.
Marketing Specialist
Phone: 621-3097
Fax: 621-1245

Location and Business Hours

PCard Office is located in the University Services Annex Building, on the 5th Floor, at the corner of 6th St. and Main (MAP). Our business hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Closed during lunch from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.)

Mailing Addresses

Please do not use our physical address for regular US Mail.

Campus Mail   US Mail   Federal Express, UPS, etc
Procurement and Contracting Services
Purchasing Card Office
USA Building
Campus 210300
  The University of Arizona
Purchasing Card Office
USA Bldg. 300A, 5th Floor
Box 210300A
Tucson, AZ 85721
  The University of Arizona
Purchasing Card Office, 5th Floor
220 W 6th Street
Tucson, AZ 85701
JP Morgan Chase

Customer Service: 1-800-270-7760

Dispute Department (Contact UA PCard Office Prior to initiation of any dispute 520.626.9091)